Local Dinosaur Bar-B-Que offers Troy taste

Noises, live music, river breeze and the sunset make a great set of sides for a barbeque

DINOSAUR BAR-B-QUE IS LOCATED along the Hudson River, at the crossroads of River St. and Grand St.

I had my first experience at Dinosaur BBQ earlier this summer. I am surprised that my friends and I have never discovered such great barbeque in our exploration of Troy. Sitting right next to Hudson River, the restaurant has two parts—one is under AC with band performances on Wednesday nights; the other side is outdoor, exposed to river breeze and the sunset.

When I went there two weeks ago with my Introduction to Engineering Design group members to celebrate our success in final project demonstration, the restaurant was packed with people: young couples, families, friend groups, et cetera. Noise became one of our sides. However, those loud jokes, greetings, and laughter didn’t bother us at all; it offered a more relaxing meal experience and a harmonious atmosphere at our table. We talked about the huge amount work we put into our project, we joked and made fun of each other, and we also exchanged our feelings and thoughts. Looking outside, we saw the entire sunset and were obsessed with the golden river surface as well as passing boats. We even waved hello to passengers. The restaurant has a certain magic to cheer you up and make you laugh about everything, no matter bitter or sweet, which is why I was so impressed with the atmosphere and have to recommend Dinosaur here.

I only ordered a small solo sampler that time, as I wasn’t too confident in the taste of the food there. However, that was such a fake assumption! A sampler includes a spicy shrimp boil, chicken wings, fried green tomatoes and deviled eggs. The spicy shrimp have a fresh as well as firm mouthfeel; the chicken wing taste tender and juicy. The deviled eggs are my favorite in the restaurant so far—the amazing mixture of the great texture of the egg white and the rich taste of mayonnaise, yolk, and other ingredients. The fried green tomatoes, however, didn’t leave me too much of an impression. Seeing other friends having ribs, which is Dinosaur’s featured dish, I was eager to come and try it again.

I didn’t wait too long for my second experience with Dinosaur. Last weekend, my mom and I went there again after hanging out in downtown Troy. This time, we ordered salad and Jumbo chicken wings of Devil’s Duel flavor and customized combo of St. Louis ribs, pulled pork, and smoked “hot link” homemade sausage. The Devil’s Duel chicken wings were so hot that my mouth is still watering as I am writing this sentence. But, the hot taste doesn’t cover its tasty flavor. We ordered another three as soon as we finished the plate. After the spicy devil wings, I had my meat combo. They were great. But, instead of the ribs, I love the pork most. The pork has a really loose texture, not in a bad way. I literally felt the meat melting in my mouth, with a strong authentic pork taste allover. The sausage is crispy and juicy. Finally, the ribs. Maybe because of the heightened expectation, the ribs don’t qualify for the high compliments of my friends. It is for sure a nice barbeque dish, but it’s relatively ordinary with comparison to some other shiny dishes in the restaurant.

I regard myself a very picky meat gourmet. However, you can have your own evaluation after a try. So definitely go and have your own experience. You will have a real Troy taste and see what an energetic and cheerful place it is!