Giving thanks for a successful campaign

Hello everyone. You can’t believe how honored I am to be elected the 151st Grand Marshal. This is something that I’ve thought about and wanted for a long time, and I hope that I prove that you have placed your faith in the right person over the next year. I’m sorry that I was not able to be at the results announcement to accept this office in person. I had a prior commitment which was made in November before the election schedule was made, and I wasn’t able to get it moved.

First, I’d like to thank my family, friends, and others who have supported me. There’s my mom, dad, and brother, who have always supported me and pushed me to do better. With my friends, there’s too many of you to thank individually, but you know who you are. I’m especially thankful to Jeremy and Sydney who helped me with tabling, my running-mate and now office-mate, Chip, Sarah, who has helped me since my first elections at this school, Tommy, and many more. Dan, you’re still one of my best friends on campus, and you already know nothing’s going to change that. Last, and definitely not least, thanks to the GM Week Committee and the Rules and Elections Committee for the long hours of work you’ve put in over the past months and especially, last week, organizing and running all the events and the elections.

To the senators and members of the Class of 2017 who have served with me over the past few years, thank you for helping me become the leader and person I am today through your feedback and leading by example. Thank you Chuck, Kyle, and Marcus. You taught me how to bring a team together, how to face difficulties head on, and how to own our mistakes when we recognize them. I hope I’m able to fill the hat as well as you and the 147 other individuals have before us. I also need to thank the members of R&E and the Student Life Committee who served with me over the past couple years. We had some trouble and some fun, but always managed to make progress. Thank you for helping me grow as a leader and dealing with me as I worked out my leadership style for myself.

To the 47th Student Senate, welcome to the club. We’re here at a unique time in the history of our Rensselaer Union and student government. However, the directive we have remains the same: to represent the views, concerns, and wishes of the members of the Union who are our constituents. But overall, what a time to be alive. And, if it’s you and yours, against me and mine, I know where I’m betting my money.

As my term starts, I aim to come through on my promises of increased communication and involvement. I’ll need your help with this. Whether it comes as you asking me or one of your senators a question or concern you have, or you joining one of our Senate committees, which are open to all members of the Union. Student government is nothing without the students, and we need you to not only get involved and help us get work done, but help hold us accountable.

Thanks, go Red, and here’s to a good year.