Senators commemorate Dean Smith’s years of service

FORMER DEAN OF STUDENTS MARK SMITH RETIRED recently after 30 years of service to Rensselaer.

At the beginning of the meeting, Grand Marshal Marcus Flowers ’16 told the Student Senate that, due to some last-minute changes, no items other than regular business were on the agenda for the week.

During committee reports, Rules & Elections Committee Chairman Victoria Tong ’16 reported that the GM Week Handbook was originally supposed to be discussed during the meeting; however, there were some last minute changes that needed to be made.

Tong said that the Undergraduate Council had some questions regarding the handbook and that there was a need to add rules regarding certain social media promotions, such as Reddit “Ask Me Anything” events. Tong hopes to get the handbook to the Senate for the next meeting.

Professor Antoinette M. Maniatty, president of the Faculty Senate, was present at the meeting last week. Although there was no specific topic at hand, Flowers opened the floor for questions.

Graduate Senator Tim Krentz asked if there were any updates on the academic integrity proposal discussed during Professor John A. Tichy’s visit.

Maniatty recounted that the Faculty Senate was not planning on making a committee this semester. When the topic was brought to them, they felt it was important to see what the students thought about the issue.

During new business, a motion was brought forth to thank Mark Smith, former dean of students, for his 30 years of service to the students and the Institute. The motion passed unanimously and will be signed and framed by the Senate to be given to Smith.