Reallocations approved; Ski and Snowboard travel policy changed

CLUB REPRESENTATIVES PURSUE Union-recognized club status for Students for a Sustainable Drug Policy.

On Thursday, February 11, the Executive Board meeting opened with discussion on whether or not RPI Ski and Snowboard Club would be permitted to leave people behind. The policy on Senior Week is that all students attending the trip must sign a “statement of understanding” or an “assumption of risk” document, acknowledging the fact that the bus will leave at a certain time. If students do not make it to the bus on time, it is understood that they will find their own way home. However, the idea of SSC adopting such a policy was rejected by the E-Board after discussion. Since the group contains a medley of ages, especially freshmen, certain care must be taken, according to the SARPs present at the meeting. While other E-Board members disagreed with this concept, the motion allowing Ski and Snowboard Club to enforce a statement of understanding passed 11-3-1.

RPI’s Destination Imagination, an organization dedicated to teaching science and engineering skills to students through problem-solving challenges, appealed to the E-Board for approval to attend the state tournament. They did not request subsidies for the trip and were approved to go with a 15-0-0 vote. Their second request was a starter budget of $47.43. This budget would cover the cost of food. While certain members were wary of allotting them money at all, as the act would deem them a Rensselaer Union-funded club, others believed that the E-Board should allot them a full starter budget of $125. The motion to allow them a full starter budget did not pass in a 7-8-0 vote, and the motion to approve the budget of $48 did pass in a 9-5-1 vote.

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, an organization whose main goal is to educate students about drugs and drug policies, came before the E-Board looking to become Union-affiliated. Working in tandem with various student services such as the Student Health Center, Public Safety, the Wellness Center, and the Dean of Students Office, SSDP has worked toward creating a network that students can rely on. Met with great enthusiasm from the members of the E-Board, SSDP was voted in unanimously as a Union-recognized organization.