Getting whipped into shape

Taking advantage of the benefits of exercise

Whoa, it’s a Friday night and I’m typing up a notebook while laying on my bed, sort of passed out from eating three platefuls of food at dinner. The first plate was fish, rice, corn, and quinoa with cumin. Still not feeling satisfied, I asked my friends sitting with me at the table what else I should eat. They replied, “eat it all!”

I found myself going up for more: this time a cheeseburger with some fries on the side. I even decided to put some hot sauce on the plate in addition to ketchup to dip my fries in, something I don’t usually do. The second plate of food was pretty good, but I still felt hungry. My last trip up the few stairs in Russell Sage Dining Hall was for a slice of pizza and pasta with creamy alfredo sauce. I finished it all off, and then I slowly started to feel it—I guess I was getting a tad bit full.

I realized that I really wanted to eat a lot of food. I hadn’t eaten since 11 am. I went to the gym just before and worked out on the elliptical for an hour at a high intensity and then did my 10 minute ab workout. Practically drowning in my sweat while on the elliptical, all I could think was I can eat all I want afterward. I never think the other way—eat as much as I’d like whenever and never do cardio.

Exercising has become a normal routine for me, and I enjoy it very much too. I remember the other day I was chatting with a friend and they asked, “why do you like working out?” My instant response was, “it’s a good time!” But diving deeper into the subject, working out daily has many advantages.

For one, it takes your mind off of school work. It is not necessarily relaxing, maybe the music you have playing in your headphones is, but exercising is unstressful. Yes, I know that’s not a real word, but it best describes my experience while at the gym. I love that feeling.

As I walk into the gym, I put my jacket into the cubby, and I grab my water bottle and start a workout, most times with a gym buddy. Having a gym buddy makes the gym experience so much better—someone that you can joke around with, someone that can offer you advice on how to improve your reps, someone that enjoys doing the same thing as you.

Another highlight of exercising daily is that your body will thank you; you’ll want to eat a lot of food later, and hopefully healthier food. That’s the main reason I believe I wanted to eat everything in sight at Sage last Friday night!

We have all read news articles, and heard our health teachers and doctors all mention that exercising helps your keeps your health and body in good shape. Take it from me, Maria, a college sophomore: exercising really is a great thing for your body! Who enjoys sitting for hours on end in uncomfortable wooden chairs all day? Get out there and get exercising each day, bud!