Archer Center student worker; Ski Club trip timing policy discussed

EXECUTIVE BOARD POLICIES COMMITTEE CHAIR JEREMY FELDMAN ‘16 LISTENS to presentations made throughout the evening.

On Thursday, February 4, the Executive Board meeting opened with the first item on its agenda—allocating funds to the Archer Center. A student working as the Archer Center’s front desk receptionist is no longer participating in work study, and the facility does not have the money to fund the student’s salary to continue working in the position. The first motion of the night approved the allocation of $585 to cover the student’s pay with a 15-0-0 vote. The money came from the student employment fund.

Treasurer of RPI Ski and Snowboard Club Joshua Rosenfeld ’16 presented an intra-club issue to the E-Board. On return trips from the nearby mountains the club visits on various weekends, they have been experiencing difficulty encouraging students to return to the bus on time. Rosenfeld opened the discussion on the possibility of enforcing a penalty fee for being late to the bus. While certain members didn’t agree with the idea of further charging students, the majority were of the opinion that it was fully within the right of the club to enforce whatever punishment they saw fit—be it charging a fee, or even leaving the student behind with local cab companies’ numbers to find their own way home. A concern E-Board members addressed were students who could afford to pay the fee and see it as a negligible amount, rather than a penalty. The motion to allow the creation of a late fee, which was not to exceed $100, was passed with a vote of 11-3-1. Another motion was written to change the policy of not allowing clubs to leave students behind; however, the motion was struck down by President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16.

The meeting was then closed to the public for private discussion.