Joe Cassidy no longer serving as Director of the Union

Edit 8:46 pm: After further discussion, The Poly believes that this article was written carelessly. A news article is no place for the opinion of the author. This article was not written in the way it should have been and we apologize for it. Not all of the Senior Board was given the opportunity to weigh in on this important article due to the winter vacation. We will leave the original piece below as we feel that taking it down would reflect poorly on us and appear as though we are hiding our mistakes. We will take the responses received about the article as a starting point to improve the content we publish concerning such topics.

-Jack Wellhofer, Editor in Chief


Joe Cassidy is no longer serving as Director of the Union, according to early communications from members of the Rensselaer Union Executive Board. This decision is effective immediately and comes in the middle of the E-Board’s annual budgeting period.

It is unclear as to why Cassidy is no longer serving. This news comes without warning and during winter recess. His tenure has been plagued with controversy; current and former students alike have attested to the poor relationship between Cassidy and student leaders.

According to student reports, Cassidy repeatedly overstepped his position’s boundaries, as defined in the Rensselaer Union Constitution, including the alleged strong-arming of the 2014 Constitution referenda, the attempted manipulation of both the Student Senate and the E-Board, the misrepresentation of student government to administrators, and the authorization of binding financial decisions without the approval of the E-Board. Cassidy also reportedly attempted to block the 2015 Constitution amendments, which ultimately passed.

The Poly reached out to President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16, who withheld comment until later in the day, and Grand Marshal Marcus Flowers ’16, who was not available for comment.

Edited 2:30 pm for accuracy.