A statement regarding the December 9 parody issue

After further discussion with members of the Rensselaer community regarding the content of this week’s end-of-semester parody issue, the Polytechnic Senior Board has decided to redact some of this week’s content. While the intent of the issue was humor, some items were in poor taste and in excess. It does not further the image we wish to impart on the campus as the RPI newspaper.

The core mission of The Polytechnic is to provide a respectable news source to the Rensselaer community on events pertaining to Rensselaer. Although the parody issue, traditionally reserved for April Fool’s Day, is a way for students to provide humor to a stressful time in the semester, this instance of the parody issue was not conducive to The Poly’s mission.

We apologize for any offense or distress that the content may have caused and will be mindful of the impact of our future content.