WEIRD: Bush offers chest bumps, Secret Service officer caught in sting

ISIL operates a 24-hour jihadi help desk

According to United States intelligence groups, ISIL operates a technical help desk available to any of its worldwide terrorists. A popular question answered is how to encrypt communications so law enforcement has a harder time catching them before they strike.

Secret Service agent caught in a sexting sting

Secret Service agent Lee Robert Moore has been charged with attempting to send sexually explicit messages to a 14 year old girl. None of his texts actually were with an underage girl; instead, he was actually communicating with two police officers from Delaware.

Bangkok “half-marathon” actually 17 miles

Due to “a technical error,” according to the Athletic Associate of Thailand, a sign was placed pointing the wrong way which, over the course of the race, added about four miles to what should have been a 13 mile race.

Google self–driving car pulled over for going below speed limit

A Mountain View Police Department officer pulled over a vehicle for going too slow before he realized it was a Google self-driving car. He asked the driver questions about how the car chooses a speed to travel at but no citation was issued.

Jeb Bush offers chest bumps for new supporters after last Republican debate

Jeb Bush told reporters that he will offer every political “converter” a chest bump after the Republican debate on November 11. A video surfaced of Bush chest bumping a man after he admitted he was a Ted Cruz co-chairman but now supports Bush.