Hornets slowly disappearing

Homecomings should be more lively and packed

“Let’s go Hornets!” was what I spent my whole Saturday afternoon screaming, especially during my sister’s volleyball game. This past weekend I had the opportunity to go back home to see my family and to attend my second high school reunion—except this one was different, very different. I noticed one graduate of my class sitting in the front stands, and another one when I walked outside to the soccer game and cross country meet. Then when I was leaving the football game, I saw another two. The weird thing is that I graduated with a class of 63; where were the other 58?!

Homecoming allows alumni to visit their old school, which I believe should hold a place in your heart. Think about it: without high school, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this article in this college newspaper. So why didn’t more students show up to their homecoming?

The overall attendance of alumni was lower than ever before. I don’t get why though; all I can say is that I had a great time! Seeing my old volleyball team made me wish I could be out there again. The level of enthusiasm in the stands surely stood out, but it was mostly coming from parents, with a few current students in the mix. I wish more of my peers were there. I’m sure each one of the kids I graduated with will do something amazing in the future, whether they accept a crazy job opportunity, invent something, or open up their own business. This exciting event in their life might pop up on Facebook, and I might end up liking it and sharing my congratulations with them through the comments, but I wish I could talk to them all again. With my busy schedule each week, it is hard to make time to talk with old classmates. We all shared so many good times together about a year ago, so why couldn’t more of us reconvene at Homecoming to celebrate the good old times again?

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s homecoming at my high school. I even had the chance to to watch our football team destroy the other school! The wraps and wings for the exclusive alumni were really good!

Attending FanFest at RPI’s very own Reunion and Homecoming was enjoyable as well. All the free food that was there made it feel like I was in some sort of heaven. The apple cider doughnuts were my favorite—served hot and delicious, yum! For all the students that didn’t come, you surely missed out! I hope that in future homecomings, either college or high school, more alumni or current students would attend. It’s a good time to look back and appreciate the experiences you had at that school!