Making the right call on club baseball

Taking a time-out for a ball game

Do you know what day it is, RPI?

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend, and got some well needed rest after the first round of tests concluded. For those with tests coming up, I hope you had time to study up and prepare. Good luck!

First off, a big congrats to the men’s hockey team for upsetting the #1 ranked Boston College. Good work boys, let’s keep that momentum rolling as we hit University of Alaska next. Shout out to number 14, junior Riley Bourbonnais, for making both goals of the day. Women’s hockey also came out on top against RIT this weekend with a 3-1 victory, sweeping the series. This week we’ve got more matchups to come, and more games to win. LET’S GO RED!

In Executive Board news, this past weekend we welcomed club baseball to the Union family as a recognized club, so congrats to them. We heard from the 125th Anniversary Committee that they are in the process of planning a campus formal and reception to celebrate the anniversary of the Union’s founding. At this point in the year, representatives should be starting to talk with all club officers and coaches about the fast approaching budgeting season. Be ready, and be proactive! The more groundwork we lay, the smoother the process is for all involved. Finally, there will be a student government-wide polo day on October 20th! All senators and representatives will be wearing their polos and will be ready to answer any questions you may have. We’ll also throw a prize in there, stay tuned!

We are also in the progress of adding our three new representatives to the Executive Board. Pending senate approval, they will fill two at large seats and the Class of 2019 representative positions. All three of them are from the Freshman class to better balance the board’s perspective. I’ll have a little more about them and their background next week.

Lastly, one thing I wanted to touch upon this week was one of the most important skills I have learned in my tenure here at RPI: time management. Whether you are involved in only a few things outside of school or seem to be someone that does everything, being able to manage your time is not only essential to performing well, but also to balancing your life and your needs. If you are someone who values their time alone to be introspective, it’s up to you to decide when you take that time, and what you prioritize it over. If you’re someone that wants to go out on the weekends, you still need to plan for doing work around that time spent socializing. I encourage you to take a critical eye to your schedules, and think hard about where your priorities lie. I know, I love using Google Calendar to budget out most of my waking hours, and I’ve found that having multiple calendars overlap for different responsibilities really helps me to pick and choose what I will be doing on a given day. Homework or a fraternity event? Work or community service? As you get involved, these conflicts become more common, and it is an important life skill to know how to pick and choose.

In short, plan and plan wisely. There are only so many hours in the day, and it is always fewer than what you would like. And be sure to schedule in time to yourself for whatever helps you relax and de-stress. Going to RPI, we all know blowing off steam is essential.

As always, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, please email me at Do you have something you would like to see featured in my article? (Big games, events, etc.) Let me know!