Engineers lose in match 0-1

Shot attempted by RPI junior in final sixth minute blocked

“Come on, Red!” “RPI, go!” Hundreds of shouts lingered in the air in the East Campus Athletic Village Stadium in the last few minutes of the game, making everyone more anxious. Faced with an increasingly excited audience, the Rensselaer Engineers, ranked eighth, intensified their attacks. In the last 6 minutes of the game, junior Devon Baughen destroyed the Williams Ephs’ defensive line from the right wing. He made an accurate long shot from almost 30 meters away, which, unfortunately, bounced out at the last moment owing to the Williams goalie’s save.

The Engineers later took possession of the ball for most of the time. It is true that they managed to defend the ball out of its goal line; however, they still failed to make one goal to tie Williams and go into overtime to turn the situation around. Finally, the Engineers lost its non-league contest against Williams with a score of 0-1.

“We obviously are not satisfied with the result, but we thought it was a good performance. We know we need to work on in the next few games, in order to pick it up and win again.” freshman Dan Corridan said firmly after the game.

The game started at 6:30 pm on Saturday, Oct. 10 at ECAV Stadium. At 19:38, Williams stole the ball from the Engineers and swiftly bypassed the interference from RPI players. The opportune shot made by the Williams offense was narrowly blocked, thanks to Engineer’s sophomore goalie Ryan Nealon’s nice save. Meanwhile, the ball fell into the possession of the Engineers. Ryan later saved another shot from over 20 meters away from the goal line at 30:35. The Engineers missed several other good chances in the rest of the first half, while Williams also missed a few. The first half in the end finished at 0-0.

Although both teams were high-spirited and energetic, neither of them made any goals in the first half, which physically exhausted them and mentally motivated them.

35 seconds into the second half, the Engineers got a corner chance. After kickoff by junior Devon Baughen, the several attempts made by RPI in order to seize this chance all failed. The ball appeared to be on its way into the net twice, only to see the Williams defense clear it off the goal line. The same thing happened to six corner chances RPI received in the second half.

The standstill was finally broken by Williams freshman defender Gregory Androeu at 73:10, assisted by senior midfielder Noah Grumman and sophomore forward Tom Young. The Engineers took an active strategy to get more chances and shoot more. Although the team statistics didn’t display any obvious disadvantage of the Engineers compared to Williams—four more corner chances, less penalties, and four more shots, Williams led the game until the end.

One of the spectators, freshman Joseph Galtman, commented that “It was a very exciting game against a very good opponent. We, RPI, played very well and we were right with them for most of the game. Unfortunately, they finished their chance while we didn’t.”

With four games left in the Liberty League, RPI is in seventh place. This weekend, they will travel north to play against St. Lawrence and Clarkson, which will definitely be two critical games for the Engineers, in hopes to get a better place in the league.