World-famous beer brew delivers taste of Oktober

OKTOBERFEST BRINGS OUT a cultural staple in the special Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Märzen beer.

Founded in 1810, Oktoberfest is a 16-day folk festival that runs annually from late September to early October. In Munich, where it originated, the event is host to 14 large tents and 20 smaller tents, with a huge variety of amusement park rides, traditional foods, and vendor stalls. And what would this German event be without its self-named drink of choice, the Oktoberfest beer? Over six million people attend and are served over 7.7 million liters of this beer every year. The festival is nearing its end, so I have decided to review Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Märzen beer.

When I poured the beer into a pint glass, I noticed its clear hue and amber color, and after holding it up to the light, I noticed an appealing golden tint. A small head formed at the top when it was initially poured and persisted for a couple of minutes. Swirling the glass around, I caught sweet and toasty notes, results of the prepared malts in the beer. I took a sip and let the balanced, crisp notes pervade my mouth. Just like its smell, it had a malty and toasty taste with a hint of sweet. Rolling the festive beer over my tongue, I felt light carbonation with a smooth texture. Man, this is something I feel I could drink easily and in large quantities. I’ve sampled my fair share of craft beers and not-so-craft beers and this Oktoberfest Märzen is something special; nothing else quite hits the taste buds in the same way.

Overall, this beer is fantastic. The Oktoberfest beer has a significant amount of history behind it and I wish that sometime in my life, I’ll be able to experience it on tap, in person. Knowing the history and traditions behind the beer kind of makes me wish I were there, eating some quality wurst with other backpackers in a loud, crowded Bavarian biergarten. But for now, I’ve got this fantastic snapshot in a bottle that I can share with my friends here at RPI.