Staff Editorial: You can be your own chef

Cooking for yourself can be more rewarding and healthier than eating the food provided at the dining halls. Not only is cooking a life skill, but it brings people together, creating coveted memories and times with friends and family alike. However, cooking on a college campus, considering the underclassmen kitchen capabilities, is difficult.

Almost all of the freshmen residence halls—Bray, Cary, Crockett, Hall, Nason, Davison, Burdett Avenue Residence Hall, and Nugent Halls—only have one full kitchen, and they’re all also fully electric. Sharing a kitchen with an average of 200 other students per hall is not convenient; the kitchen always seems to be in use during convenient hours. Additionally, Barton Hall does not even have a full kitchen; it only has sinks and microwaves. There is no oven or stove top at all. Therefore, it is inconvenient to cook an actual meal, and those that want to use a kitchen must overflow into another residence hall. To make matters worse, there are no grocery stores near campus. Price Chopper and Walmart are a 20–minute bus ride or 45 minute walk away. The trip to downtown Troy and its local grocery markets is also a 20–30 minute walk from freshman hill. However, there is another option for those without a car.

Field Goods is a service that delivers local foods to counties from Queensbury to the Bronx and Fairfield County in Connecticut. The main bag subscription includes fruits and vegetables with enough food for up to five people. Additionally, there are also add–ons that include bread, cheese, extra fruit, herbs, and etc. The main subscriptions are priced reasonably at $20–$30 and the extra add–ons at around $5 each. A local branch of Field Goods delivers to the Mueller Center every Thursday and is open from 3–8 pm. Orders must be made by Monday at 11:59 pm and can be made online at Just be sure to find the RPI Mueller Center Lobby option under private locations.

The Poly encourages you to learn how to cook and cook healthily. It is a fulfilling and fantastic life skill to possess.