Elections on the horizon

Hey RPI Students,

I hope you all found paths to professional success at the Career Fair! Thank you to all of the students who put in the time and effort to make such a huge event possible! For everyone else, be sure to follow up with any companies that took an interest in you. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste!

There’s a lot coming up this weekend as we continue to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Rensselaer Union! There are a ton of events you can learn about by talking to the Student Activities office in the Union, or by looking at different advertisements inside the building.

Further, Student Government elections are still going on for all freshmen students! Stop by the Student Government Suite to get the information on where to go for an information session, and get out to campaign! It’s a great chance to learn how to work in various teams, conduct meetings, and get in touch with your fellow classmates. To reiterate from last week:

Class council: The group of students who work to exemplify everything that makes your class ideas into a unique and memorable legacy. The council is in charge of hosting events for your class. The class council also manages the funds from your class dues for all your events including your (very far off) Senior Week. Positions for class council are:

Class president, who oversees all class council meetings and represents your class at events. The president will also work with the Undergraduate Council president, who coordinates with all of the class councils.

Vice-president, who assists the president in running meetings and events.

Representatives (8), sit on the council and take standard positions such as secretary, treasurer, etc.

Class senators (4): The Student Senate is the body of student government in charge of representing student rights and serving as a connection between students, faculty, and the administration. Senators serve as members of both the Senate and class council.

In other news, the RPI women’s hockey team is playing against the University of North Dakota on October 2 in the Houston Field House! Go out and cheer them on to victory!

It’s been a few weeks here, so your first exams should be coming up, or may have happened already. Make sure to take full advantage of the academic resources available here on campus, including the Advising & Learning Assistance Center tutoring, your TAs, your professors, and your peers. Don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman for help in a class either!

Quickly, I’d like to ask you what you think about your time here after the first month of this semester. What do you think was the most exciting thing that happened for you this first month, and what are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

If you have any ideas, comments, or questions in general, email me at, or stop by my office in the Student Government Suite in the Union.