Success starts with you

How are you, RPI?

Happy Wednesday! As we slide into the first test rotation, I wish you all the best of luck. With rush winding down, and classes kicking into full swing, the semester will fly by and be gone before you know it. The days are long, but the weeks fly by…

Rambling aside, it’s a busy time for the Executive Board! I hope you’ve had the chance to check out the shiny new bookstore renovations down on the first floor. I’m pretty pleased myself with how bright it looks now, and I can’t wait until it’s fully stocked and settled in. If you have any feedback for how it looks or how things are going since the transition to Follett, please reach out to myself or Ken Palmer, the new manager. A quick congrats is also in order for the two new clubs that joined the Rensselaer Union crew last week: RPI Sangam and Destination Imagination.

As always, there are projects coming down the pipeline, and the committees are always in need of more help! From new McNeil room carpet/tables/chairs, to possible games rooms updates, the E-Board committees are hard at work. If you’re interested in helping new clubs form, working with the businesses of the Union, marketing the Union brand, or much much more, reach out to the committee chairs! Their information can be found on the student government website.

With the career fair fast approaching this Friday and Saturday, I wanted to take a moment to lend some advice to those who plan to attend. To those who don’t think they’ll go, I still recommend going and talking to recruiters and maybe grabbing some of the giveaway material as a souvenir. You never know who you may find! Even as a freshman, this is an excellent chance to get your name out there and practice your pitches. Taking the time to reflect on your experiences, and what you have done is invaluable when deciding on what direction you wish to take your life. Take this opportunity and grasp it with full fervor. Ask yourself, “What do I bring to the table?” The good news is that you’re starting on the right foot, as RPI will give you the solid primary skills to get your foot in the door wherever you may go. Your GPA and rigor of studies will set you apart from applicants from other schools, but what sets you apart from other RPI students? The answer is secondary skills. Networking, leading, and your charisma can get you farther than most people believe. One of my favorite ways of describing the Union to others is by saying that RPI gives you a toolbox through your education, and the Union is the workshop where you can build your future. Take every opportunity you can to master those tools, and to turn your passions into what you pursue in life. Even if you have chosen not to involve yourself with clubs, the opportunities to grow both personally and professionally are endless. And you never know, sometimes all it can take is a simple conversation and some good dialogue to find what could be your profession for the next 25 years!

So, the charge I give to you is to reflect on all that has brought you to where you are today. Every struggle and stumble, every prize and trophy, every victory and defeat have made you who you are. Take what you have been through, and take the chance. Speak with every company you can, and explore every opportunity at your disposal, and hopefully you will find what can one day become your career. Leverage your resources like the Center for Career and Professional Development to make all your attempts your best. And most importantly, don’t get discouraged! I know I spoke to three different recruiters at the Procter & Gamble booth last year before being offered an interview that eventually turned into an offer.

Good luck and happy hunting.