Staff Editorial: Sports teams are killing it

The Poly wants to give a shout out to all of RPI’s sports teams for having awesome starts to their seasons so far. In particular, we feel that football, field hockey, and soccer have been doing well. In fact, field hockey broke an Institute record by scoring 14 points in their last game against Keuka College. Football has won their first two home games this season by over 30 points and even managed to shut out Norwich entirely. Men’s soccer has had a perfect season so far. The rest of RPI’s sports are doing equally as well and The Poly encourages everyone on campus to keep up with and follow RPI’s athletics successes.

Athletics has a positive impact on all members of the RPI community. Supporting the Engineers is a cause that everyone can get behind and it can really unite all different subsets of campus culture. Supporting teams can be the perfect way to alleviate the many sources of stress that come with being a successful student. When there’s snow on the ground in a couple of short months and winter fully descends on Troy, cheering on our hockey team is the way that many of us at The Poly keep ourselves going.

What are you waiting for? Get out and see any of sports in action today!