Freshmen positions available in StuGov

Class council leadership opportunities open

Hello RPI Students,

The future always comes with a great number of unknowns, but one thing is for sure: the Career Fair is coming. For aspiring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students, the idea of getting an interview within 60 seconds of talking to someone may seem ridiculous, but for two days, that dream becomes reality. However, if you’re not prepared, you will miss out. There have been a large number of preparation events recently, from both students and Rensselaer staff, so if you haven’t gone to any, be sure to talk to someone that has. Similarly, don’t write off going to the career fair because you may be a freshman or you don’t think you’ll find anything. The networking opportunities are invaluable and can pay off (literally) in the future. Many of the recruiters were RPI students once and will be able to relate with you a lot more than you think!

In other news, the election season has opened for the freshmen interested in student government! There are many positions available, so I’ll take the time to talk a bit about each.

First off are the class councils. A Class Council is a group of students who work to exemplify everything that makes your class ideas into a unique and memorable legacy. The Council is in charge of hosting events for your class in order to enrich your time at Rensselaer. The Class Council manages the funds from your class dues that go toward all your events including your Senior Week.

The positions open on the Class Council are: Class President, Class Vice-President, eight Class Representatives, and four Class Senators. The Class President oversees all Class Council meetings and stands as a representative of your class in your events. The President will also work with the Undergraduate Council President, who coordinates with all of the Class Councils. The Class Vice-President assists the Presidents in running meetings and events. Class Representatives sit on the council and help by taking standard positions such as secretary, treasurer, etc. The Senate is the body of student government in charge of representing student rights and serving as a connection between students, faculty, and the administration. Senators serve as members of both the Student Senate, and their Class council. There are many committees for Senators to be a part of, such as the Academic Affairs Committee, Facilities & Services Committee, Student Life Committee, and more.

There’s a lot of work we’re aiming to do this year in student government, and we are (especially now) in need of more helping hands! Some of the projects we’re working on this year include resources for students applying for fellowships, indoor study areas, students identifying by their preferred name (a new one to our list), and the student needs in relation to Summer Arch.

As always, feel free to email me at for any questions, comments, or concerns.