E-Board recognizes clubs; Union updates

FLYING CLUB REPRESENTATIVES ASK for money from E-Board to fund aviation club activities.

On Thursday, September 17, President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16 kicked off the meeting with the swing of his gavel, bringing the group’s attention to the first subject at hand: the approval of a new club, Destination Imagination.

Keegan Caraway ’18, Noam Eshed ’18, and Shamus Cardon ’18 presented before the Executive Board what exactly Destination Imagination is and what the up-and-coming group requires of the Rensselaer Union. Destination Imagination is a global program that issues challenges for students from middle school through the university level to solve. The challenges themselves are categorized into subjects such as technical, scientific, structural, fine arts, improvisational, and service learning. The contestants must then find the most creative and innovative way to solve the problem, all while performing a skit.

These three leaders have already gathered a group of students interested in participating in this world-wide movement, and came looking for the Union’s approval. Besides Union recognition, the newly developed group also discussed the possibility of receiving funds for trips, materials, and other miscellaneous needs. The willingness to fundraise themselves was voiced as well as the possibility of charging club dues. The topic of lab space, details concerning club size, and their constitution were mentioned. After some changes were made to their constitution, Destination Imagination became a Union-recognized club in a 12-1-0 vote.

Another club came before the E-Board with the same interest of becoming Union-recognized. Priyanka Raju ’18 and Shruthi Perati ’18 presented for the Sangam club. Sangam is a classical style of Indian dance, and they have been dancing since they were children. They stated that they are willing to train novices who are interested and welcome connoisseurs and experts alike. Plans for funding the 2017 fiscal year were discussed, as well as the future possibilities of Sangam performances both on and off campus. After questioning and discussion concerning the constitution, the board voted a unanimous 13-0-0.

During the topic discussion of business operations, the accounting information was examined. Eateries frequented by students, such as Ben & Jerry’s, Salad FX, and Father’s Market, have been enjoying an increase in sales. Sushi in Father’s alone made sales of over $158,000 in the past year.

Next the condition of the McNeil was considered. The matter of having round tables versus square and rectangular to offer more seating for larger groups was discussed. Also, the Board was looking to change the old carpet.

Donna Grace Moleta ’18 and Conrad Mossl ’17, members of the E-Board, presented a new project which would deal with the placement of large scale graphics on the walls of the stairwell between the first and second floor. The project would cost of the union nearly $2000 and the material itself should last around ten years. The purchase of the materials was approved, while the design itself requires adjustment and further approval. The graphics consist of images displaying areas on campus affiliated with the Union.

A third vote was cast by the E-Board, with an 11-0-2, concerning the approval of $880 dollars presented to the Flying Club in order to bring four extra people to the NIFA Safecon Tournament. Before this vote was cast, the club had only a budget to accommodate six people to attend. The group had need to have an even ten to attend, five pilots and five nonpilots, and consequently petitioned the Union. Representing the flying club was Alessandro Galli ’17 and Patrick Coleman ’16. They explained what sort of activities the Flying club would be participating in during the NIFA Safecon Tournament, which include flying skills test such as the spot landing competition and navigation competition. The club will fly their Cessna 172 out to the place of the tournament; this year it will be held in Schenectady.