New high score of memories

The game of life through video games

Playing video games has been a large, influential part of my life. I started out with a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Yellow, and I continued to play Pokémon until the Black and White editions. Pearl was the edition I played the most with about 350 hours of gameplay. I remember all my cousins having Nintendo DSs and when we were at our grandparent’s house we would play eight player Mario Kart together. When it was time to go to sleep, we would use the PictoChat room to talk to each other long past the time we were supposed to be asleep.

My first console was the original Xbox and it came with Halo: Combat Evolved. I got it Christmas morning, and my mom and I played it nonstop. The first play-through was rough. We got lost on several missions and just in general had difficulty playing, as it was our first console game. My mom had a co-worker who also played, so when we got stuck she would ask him what to do and then she would come back, and we would beat the level. This was the start for my love of Halo. My mom still played with me up until Halo 3. We didn’t have Internet at our house so all we would do is play co-op legendary or heroic campaign. After we finished one game, we would go on to the next and then restart the series after playing them all. It is, to this day, my favorite video game series and I don’t see it being anything other than number one for a long time to come. I branched out from just Halo games also and read all of the books available at that time.

I am now extremely excited for Halo 5: Guardians to come out. It will be the first Halo game I’ll have gotten on release and been able to play multiplayer. I bought the Halo Master Chief Collection near release also, but we all know how good multiplayer was then. I have been practicing on MCC in preparation for Halo 5. I mainly play the Halo 4 playlist and am currently rank 19. If you want to play you can add my gamer tag Foehammer189.

Some other games I enjoy are The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Witcher 3, Minecraft, the Call of Duty series from Modern Warfare to Black Ops 2, Hearthstone, Titanfall, Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Runescape, and many others. I started playing Runescape my freshman year of high school. It is the game I have put the most time into of them all. Currently, I am at 320 days in-game time played. I have beat the game at this point, but I still log-on occasionally to talk to friends or play some of the new updates. At the beginning of this semester, I actually met a friend in real life that I met on Runescape. It was a weird experience after knowing him for three and a half years to finally meet, but it was one I enjoyed.

The amount of time I can play video games has decreased a substantial amount since starting college, but I still love to game. It has given me so many good memories such as destroying my cousins in every game we played together, finally beating Heroic Blackrock Mountain, owning a Completionist Cape, and just all the fun times throughout. In looking back at my history of gaming, I am even more excited for what will come about in the future.