Has Google gone too far?

New logo draws outcry from Google user

I hate it. I’m sorry; but I do. And if you like it, then I hate you too. See, usually I’m okay with change, I really am. I’m always open to new ideas and trying new things. I love seeing bigger and better things become a reality. But the new Google logo has gone too far.

There is good change and then there is axe-murdering a familiar and loved face in the middle of the night. The new Google logo took what was possibly the most recognizable logo of all time and doused it in gasoline, set it on fire, and then crushed the ashes with the bottom of its shoe.

The new Google logo looks childish, written in a font that seems more appropriate for a kindergarten than a multi-billion dollar business’ header. The older logo was more sophisticated, while still maintaining a friendly air with multiple colors and a quirky looking lowercase “g” that was probably my favorite of the bunch. It seems as though Google has been moving in the more infantile direction for several months now. The Google internet browser, Google Chrome, had a bubbly, hued logo as well.

To be honest, I’m looking to pin this on the recent restructuring of Google higher-ups. Co-founder Larry Page has instated Sundar Pichai as the CEO of the tech giant and moved himself to CEO of Alphabet, a Google-owned holding company. Pichai seems to have taken it upon himself to change the face of the company. In Page’s announcement he wrote, “In the technology industry […] you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.” Well, let me tell you Mr. Page, I am thoroughly uncomfortable.

Now I completely understand that businesses need to evolve and grow; they need to change and develop as they take on new problems and expand their brand. And let’s be honest, Google is one of the big brands on the planet, if not the biggest. When you want to search for something online, you don’t say “go look it up on the Internet;” you say “Google it.” The company is the frontrunner in many sectors of the technology field and the default search engine on millions, maybe billions, of computers. There is no reason it should look like someone accidently hit the wrong font name when they updated the website.

This may seem a complete overreaction on my part. But don’t come crying to me in a few months when you become fed-up with the utterly boring logo that will become the staple of your days as you refuse to switch to Bing, since why would anyone torture themselves like that? But in all seriousness, I don’t like the new logo and I would prefer just Google Doodles until the end of time rather than this mess. I won’t ask for the old logo back as that’s pretty ridiculous to ask for, but I would ask for an option to toggle Google logos for those with Google accounts. That way, for others like me who can’t really stand the new, not-so-superior logo, we can still keep the old logo on the homepage and actually be happy when we pull up google.com.