GM gives advice to all

Flowers encourages active involvement of students

Hello readers of our newspaper! I am Marcus Flowers, your 150th Grand Marshal, writing to you through our 130-year-old (and counting!) newspaper! For those of you that are new, this is where you’ll be able to get updates on what’s new on campus, and what’s going on in our student government. I highly encourage you to continue reading The Polytechnic, and use it as a resource throughout your time here.

This week has been the big start to your time inside the classroom, so while I risk being redundant, I’ll give you a few of my favorite tips for academic success. First, do not be afraid to ask for help! This is a community where we work together to better ourselves, so it’s normal to go to tutoring services (offered by the Advising & Learning Assistance Center), or ask an upperclassman for assistance. Further, talk to your professors, who can help guide you not only through their course, but also your academic and career goals.

Second, use your study partners not only for the classes you share, but also to encourage one another to stick to doing homework for that extra hour before enjoying our vivid extracurricular life.

Speaking of which, with the beginning of every semester comes the opportunity to explore the Greek organizations on our campus, starting with a Meet the Greeks event happening on September 2. You’ll have plenty of further opportunities to interact with the sisters and brothers of the organizations that provide a huge service to the students on the Rensselaer campus as well as the city of Troy. I welcome any questions and inquiries to what our Greek community can offer you.

Similarly, check out the Student Activities Fair, where every other organization will be putting on their best to convince you why they are a good fit for you. These include our intramural sports teams, club sports, hobby clubs, cultural and professional organizations. Examples of such groups include intramural soccer, Quidditch, League of Legends, Black Student Alliance, and many more. Further, be sure to look into events such as Hockey Line, which is going on right now!

In the coming weeks, look out for information on how to get involved with the Student Senate, the organization which I am responsible for leading throughout the year. With our many committees, we address the issues facing students on campus, including, but not limited to, acquiring the necessary academic resources for students, advocacy for students’ rights to express themselves, and determining what the current needs of the student body are.

A great chance to sample what the Senate does is to attend one of our general body meetings, where we give a recount of all of our recent work, and hear out student ideas so that we may empower them to accomplish their goals. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 8, in the Shellnut Gallery RU 3602, and I highly recommend you come by. Our meetings are open to all students.

Stay tuned to both the Senate, as well as The Polytechnic, to get more information on how you can invest yourself into the Rensselaer campus.