GM encourages committee participation

Newly elected GM looks forward to a term of student awareness

On Tuesday, April 28, the 46th Student Senate held its first meeting, with the focus of addressing the petitions that we’ve received, and continuing the open call for Senate leadership.

First, we addressed the petition “Allow UPAC Cinema to show American Sniper.” This petition came at a time where there was a misunderstanding in how this was being handled. UPAC Cinema withdrew the film of their own volition, so that they may coordinate with the Muslim Student Association to host an informed discussion on the subject of the film prior to its showing. As this has already passed, the Student Senate recognized the petition, and expressed its support of cultural sensitivity.

Second, we addressed the petition “Give Us Our Jar Lids,” which refers to students desiring lids for their Grand Marshal Week 2015 mugs. We responded to this request by charging the GM Week Committee with looking into possible options.

Our last petition for the day was “Bring fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options to Father’s,” and was charged to both the Hospitality Services Advisory Committee as well as the Union Executive Board Business Operations Committee.

After answering to student issues through the petitions system, the Senate’s focus is on finding our new leaders, so that we can resume our full operating capacity. The following positions are available, with a little bit of an explanation on each:

Treasurer: Manages the budget of the Student Senate, and further the committees within the Senate.

Secretary: Maintains minutes from meetings and makes them available to the public.

Vice-Chairman: The vice-chairman of the Student Senate works with the Grand Marshal to organize the Student Senate, and oversees the work of all the Senators, as well as regular Senate operations such as document organization.

Academic Affairs Committee Chairman: As chairman of this committee, one works to develop solutions to student issues in regards to their academic and career goals. The chairman of this committee is also responsible for maintaining the student connection to the Faculty Senate and its committees.

Community Outreach Committee Chairman: This committee is being reinstated to improve the student connection with Troy by working with the Troy Business Improvement District, as well as coordinating with other student bodies at nearby colleges.

Facilities and Services Committee Chairman: This committee works to develop solutions to student issues regarding the facilities and services of the Institute through projects and discussions with the Institute administration.

Hospitality Services Advisory Committee Chairman: This subcommittee of the Facilities and Services Committee is responsible for discussions and initiatives regarding student dining services at RPI.

Student Government Communications Committee Chairman: The chairman of this committee is responsible for coordinating the Senate’s strategies in communicating with the student body, including social media and outreach events.

Student Life Committee Chairman: The chairman of this committee coordinates initiatives with the intent of advocating for student rights and quality of life issues. This includes a wide range of project areas, from student handbook policy to residence hall improvement recommendations.

Web Technologies Group Chairman: This committee works to support the Senate and the student body by offering technology solutions to fit the student needs. This can range from website development for a Senate project, to ongoing projects such as the RPI Shuttle Tracker.

My final note to students is that if you have any interest in making changes to your campus, you do not have to be elected to be a part of a committee. These committees are largely comprised of students who find these projects interesting, and hope to make a difference on our campus.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about these positions/committees, you can reach me at