President of the Union

For the 2015 election cycle, The Polytechnic’s relationship to the race for President of the Union is unique and dramatically different than it has been compared with any other year in recent memory. This is due to one of the candidates being a former member of our Editorial Board. Andrew Sudano ’17 served as the News editor for the Fall semester and for the portion of the current semester before campaigning began. Because of this fact, every member of our current Editorial Board has built both working and personal relationships with Sudano. In the effort of fairness, The Polytechnic held the standard endorsement proceedings for both candidates. Following this, the Editorial Board came to the unanimous conclusion that this special case prevents us from remaining objective in a way that is fair to both candidates. We will therefore not be endorsing any candidate for the position of President of the Union in 2015.

We strongly urge voting members of the Rensselaer community to attend the official debates being held Wednesday, April 16 in the McNeil Room, as this event will hopefully help conflicted voters in choosing a candidate. Additionally, other student organizations, such as the Graduate Council, the Interfraternity Council, and the Rensselaer Panhellenic Association have released their own endorsements for candidates which may be helpful if you fall under any of these groups. You can view more information about the candidates’ platforms on Page 10.