Editorial Notebook

Eat, pray, love

Now, what I’m about to say here might be a bit controversial, but I’m not a fan of dining hall food. Yes, it’s true, I’m not a fan. However, as someone who has lived off campus for a little while now, I can tell you that there is a whole world—well, a whole city—full of food just waiting to be explored.

Prefacing my soon to be restaurant and other food related money sinkholes spiel, if you can cook, even to a basic extent, it is worth doing that. The food that I’ve made just with what I get at Sam’s Club or Walmart is tastier, cheaper, and more rewarding meal than anything I’ve gotten at a dining hall. But for those who can’t cook or buy food to cook, my restaurant rant will be nice for at the very least a weekend meal.

First, when I talk about food to eat in the city, I’m not talking about the Mickey-D’s, or Dunkins, or anything that makes you say, “Wow, that was adequate.” No, the restaurants I’m discussing hit the gastronomic g-spot. My breakfast places of choice are Nibble Inc., Brueggers Bagels, and Manory’s, depending on whether I want a good donut (Sorry Dunkin), a great bagel, or an awesome diner experience. Lunch is where things get a little tougher. Illium is my go to sandwich place, but when I’m feeling like I need some Mexican inspired junk food, I’ll hit up Muddaddy Flats for a specialty quesadilla. And while on -campus the pizza place was Bella’s (I’m not calling you “Big Apple Pizzeria”, sorry), everything has flipped, I Love NY Pizza is now the spot for my cheap and tasty pizza. Finally, and here comes the toughest part, dinner. There’s almost too many options, Lo Porto’s, The Flying Chicken, Bombers, Brown Bag … the list goes on and on. There’s a ton of great and diverse food choices for anyone’s tastes.

But even if you can’t get to downtown, the online or takeout choices are pretty top notch. Currently, I use Lee Lin for my Chinese food needs, and now that Dinosaur BBQ delivers, I may not have to ever leave my home. The truth is, there are great places to eat out downtown, and when the weather warms up, it’s more than worth walking around and discovering them for yourself.