Editorial Notebook

Planning semester projects

Determining future direction of The Poly

The Poly, as a student organization, not a publication, is always changing and evolving. This semester, we, the current iteration of the Poly Staff, will look to also bring a dramatic change to the publication itself. The brand new layout style, which you have hopefully experienced by now from reading this very issue, is the first important step in this change, and you can read more about the reasons and goals for this in the staff editorial to the left. However, improving a publication take more than changing aesthetics; this semester, our staff is also undertaking a project to add more detailed written content to our pages that goes beyond reporting on current events.

This project, spearheaded by myself, is quickly becoming a fully collaborative effort between our rapidly expanding staff, which recently hit new highs within recent memory with over 20 members in elected or appointed positions. We hope to bring to you, the reader, investigative and historical pieces covering intricate and tough topics. Many of these topics will run deep in both RPI’s recent and long-term direction. Without revealing too many details before their respective publication dates, I promise you that if we achieve our goal, there will be many stories printed this semester which go beyond the usual scope of our content, but which remain important to you as a member of the Rensselaer community.

The plan we are undertaking would not be possible without our recent growth in staff; however, we can always use even further additional members. If investigative style journalism related to ongoings at RPI sounds interesting to you, then you could also get involved by assisting with our currently planned articles or even bringing in your own ideas.

The first of our articles in this new initiative will be printed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more and feel free to share feedback on the plan I have shared here, the new layout style, and any of the stories we print in the coming semester by contacting us at poly@rpi.edu.