Letter to the Editor:

I cannot think of anything more fun and rewarding than to create something. It was not there before, but now it does exist because of someone’s initiative. Somebody was willing to turn an idea into an innovative reality.entrepreneurship is the act to undertake and transform innovation. Let’s call entrepreneurship E and let’s talk…

If you are part of a big organization or corporation you can call E intrapreneurship, same thing, no excuses. E is the major driver for economic growth for you, your company, and your country. E creates concepts, products, markets, and new businesses. E can be knowledge, social, art, or even political.

You can add some E to existing technologies and create a new industry. You cannot escape E, sorry. E is a state-of-mind, you create things, and you group resources; fun, eh? So here you are, you prepare yourself, you meet your obligations and maybe then some; and you wonder how I get into the E state-of-mind.

Let’s throw important elements into this equation: risk, we need to thrive on uncertainty, face that puppy head on; passion got to have some for something; persistence, it should be in your backpack already; conviction, are we ready now? There are some things conducive to kick start E, simple stuff:

– Find a number of people you can address as a group, do it! See how they react to your ideas. See how you connect with their motivations. That is the real world in a nutshell. Do it, rinse, and repeat like shampoo.

– Positive energy please come in, negative energy take a hike.

– Take responsibility for all your actions and everything that happens to you; it is most liberating.

– Do something you have never done before, perhaps an oil painting, skydiving, or an opera. Have you ever flown a kite? What grabs your heart?

– Fall down to learn, push yourself and do not hold back … think of skiing: every fall makes the next one less likely.

– On a wintry shivering day go out for a 10 minute walk. Now you are cold, go for 10 minutes more.

– Jump in a pool and tell yourself you will swim n number of laps. When you are done, do one more.

– Do not dwell on the past; it is mostly useless, and frankly boring.

– Smile, laugh, be you, but it is not about you, KK?

Now, let’s go out there and make something out of nothing, cool enough?

–Raul Lopez-Palm ’77

Raul Palm received his MS from RPI in 1977, and currently serves as a vice president on the Board of Trustees of the Rensselaer Alumni Association. He was a recipient of the RAA’s Alumni Key Award in 2012. He is the CEO of Patterson-Palm Builders Hardware Inc. and Citilock Inc., and an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Raul is working to support initiatives and infrastructure at The Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. You can contact him at raul.lopezpalm@gmail.com.