Ski and Snowboard and Ski Team receive funds

Statler & Waldorf approved to print 1000 issues, Ski Team to rent safer vans

The Executive Board met on November 20 to discuss funds for two snow-related clubs, as well as the number of issues Statler & Waldorf could print for their next issue.

Josh Rosenfeld ’16 presented to the E-Board on behalf of the Ski and Snowboard club. Rosenfeld requested the reallocation of Ski and Snowboard funds to pay for an electronic keyboard lock on the games room door. The purpose of this lock is to allow the club to store equipment in the games room, while still having access to it for trips early on Saturday mornings. The lock would be installed on the double wooden doors that are currently only used as emergency exits. The Ski and Snowboard Club will retain their current space in the Union across from Father’s Marketplace for the remainder of the school year. Graduate student Chaz Goodwine questioned whether there would be a problem with allowing students to have off-hours access to the games room. Rosenfeld reassured the E-Board, saying that the only people with the 10 digit key code access would be officers of the club. In their first motion of the evening, the E-Board approved 13-0-1 to reallocate $540 to cover the electronic lock.

Next in snow sports was the RPI ski team. Paul Koetke ’15 and Ryan Kresser ’15 proposed to change the vehicles the team rents for traveling during the season. Currently the team rents minivans, which are unsuitable for the team’s purposes for a number of reasons. Kresser cited the lack of four-wheel drive on the minivans, which leads to horrible handling in adverse conditions. The ski team is one of the only clubs that still needs to travel through difficult weather. The minivans are also lacking in storage space. Each team member brings at least two pairs of skis and poles, as well as an overnight bag, quickly taking up space.

Instead, the team would like to rent Chevy Tahoes. The Tahoes would provide four wheel drive, better roof racks, and a higher ride. The E-Board had no qualms about the proposal, and in their second motion of the evening approved 14-0-0 to have an additional $1,450 to rent the Tahoes.

Finally, a discussion of Statler & Waldorf occured. While club representatives were not present, the E-Board allotted time to discuss the previous week’s proposal of allowing Statler & Waldorf to print 500 copies of their next issue. Since the number of issues was lowered from the proposal, a cost was not approved along with the issues. Statler & Waldorf, after talking with their printer, found that printing an additional 500 issues (for a total of 1000) would only cost the E-Board $200. Shoshana Rubinstein ’15 made the point that it is more beneficial for the printer to have the presses constantly running, instead of switching after small batches. Andrew Sudano ’17 reminded the E-Board that Statler & Waldorf has previously been approved to print 3,500 issues, and that boxes of issues remain in the Statler & Waldorf office. The E-Board felt that with fewer copies and a better distribution effort that it should not be a problem this time around. In the third motion of the evening, the E-Board approved 14-0-0 to overwrite the 11/13 motion, changing the number of issues printed to 1000 for a total cost of $2940.

Before the meeting closed, President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 reminded E-Board members to talk to their clubs about budgeting. Finally, in their last motion of the evening, the E-Board moved to thank Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson for her hospitality during the Football with Campus leadership event of November 15. The motion passed 14-0-0 and the meeting was then adjourned.