Staff Editorial: Look to expand your skills

Most RPI students have problems with the campus. The weather can be terrible, classes are difficult, food leaves much to be desired, and the list goes on. Though there is a sizeable amount of problems, The Poly staff would like to remind everyone that RPI still does offer a great range of opportunities for students.

RPI has many organizations and events to help further your career goals. The Center for Career and Professional Development offers services from résumé critiquing to mock interviews. Career fairs are held twice a year to give students the opportunity to talk to companies in their respective fields. Workshops are held on graduate school, too. Additionally, many majors and departments have professional societies. Look at your major’s department pages for more information.

Additionally, RPI also has a large selection of special interest groups. There are options for many different people. The Women’s Mentor Program is quite large and provides first-year women with upperclassman female mentors with the same major or interests. Whether your interests lie in flying, sports, sustainability, the outdoors, writing, science fiction, robotics, music, or anything else under the sky or above it, you can find a club with like-minded people at RPI. If none exists, you can create your own by going through a process spelled out by the Executive Board of the Union.

Lastly, being at RPI means being at an educational institution focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and research. Even if your major is not in the STEM fields, you may still find that you learn STEM-centered knowledge, for example computer programming, that will be valuable to any career in a world with increasing reliance on STEM. If your field falls under the category of STEM, RPI is the perfect place to expand your skills. In your residence halls, after classes, or anywhere at RPI, you will find many people interested in the similar subjects as you are with whom you can have vibrant discussions.