Student start-ups present ventures to city-wide crowd

On the evening of Wednesday, November 5, five startups will get the opportunity to present their fresh ideas to an audience in Revolution Hall in downtown Troy. This is part of the StartUp Tech Valley series, co-sponsored by RPI’s own Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. These meet-ups are held monthly for startups from the local community, especially colleges, to bring their product or service to a larger audience and gain support and recognition. Each month, a new line-up is chosen. Everybody is invited to attend; the event begins at 5:30 pm. This month’s line-up is as follows:

RebateHero.com – A comprehensive clearinghouse for rebate offers, this website makes it easy to find and submit rebate offers that are useful to you. RebateHero.com will be presented by CEO Annmarie Lanesey ’01. To find out more about the company, please visit http://www.rebatehero.com.

Cinch Men’s Wear – This men’s clothing retailer provides a subscription box service where stylists hand-select outfits to meet customers’ needs and tastes from new and up-and-coming styles and labels. Cinch Men’s Wear will be presented by Samuel Gonzalez, who completed his undergraduate coursework at University at Albany and attended Marist College to complete his graduate work. To find out more about the company, please visit

Empire Windrush – This data visualization tool helps publishers build better visuals to make their content more engaging and interactive. Empire Windrush will be presented by Max Walker and Riley Alsman, students at Skidmore College. To find out more about the company, please visit

Roamplate – This website helps restaurants broadcast their best, seasonal, creative, local, and most importantly, “off-menu” dishes, to our area’s dining out crowd. Roamplate will be presented by Zack Vogel, a local entrepreneur. To find out more about the company, please visit http://www.roamplate.com.

Coast Designwear – Founded by two RPI students, this company brings a fresh, new approach to the wearables industry, offering unique frames made from exotic hardwoods. Coast Designwear will be presented by co-founders Glenn Rothwell ’16 and Mark Olivier ’16. To find out more about the company, please visit

To find out more about the Severino Center, please visit http://scte.rpi.edu.

To learn more about the StartUp Tech Valley series, please visit http://startuptechvalley.org/.