Staff Editorial: Registration checklist

It’s that time of fall again. Registration began last week, and this week, registration is open to upperclassmen and athletes. For underclassmen, there is still time to create your schedule and make sure you are prepared to register.

The first step in registering is making sure that you clear any holds on your account. Financial holds can be paid to the bursar through the eBill online; the eBill has a record of all charges on your account. Additionally, everyone must electronically sign a financial responsibility agreement. This signifies that you are responsible for any charges or fees posted to your account and loans or financial aid. Also be sure to clear your student advisor meeting hold, if you have one.

After you’ve made sure that you are eligible for registration, plan your classes for the next semester. Using the CAPP report on the Student Information System or the course catalog, which you can get to through the rpinfo site, you can figure out what requirements are left to fulfill. It is paramount that you have a rough schedule planned out for the rest of college, because, depending on the amount of credits you came in with, it may be possible to graduate early. For additional help, contact your major advisor for advice. Otherwise, you can organize your schedule to make the rest of your years easier to manage by spreading out difficult classes. Also, make sure that certain classes that are fall/spring term only are placed accordingly in your schedule. No one wants to spend another semester here just because his or her last required course was only offered in the fall. Utilize services like YACS at and ROCS at to assist with making schedules. Take note of CRNs for the classes you want to register for, which can make signing up for the class easier.

Of course, when registering, it’s not always a walk in the park. If classes fill up, you will have to schedule around it and take other classes that are required. If you need to take the course to graduate on time, you can contact the registrar about getting into the class. Most times, if you cannot get into a course because it is full, it can be solved by filling out an authorization form and talking with the professor that is teaching the class.

Registration can be a stressful time for students, especially underclassmen. With many requirements to fill and less experience, it can be difficult. However, with correct planning, registering for classes can be quick, painless, and easy.