Food policy successfully appealed for a second time

Undergraduate council receives initial funding; RMA funded for new storage server, keys

UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL PRESIDENT, JACOB DERECHIN ’15 STANDS in front of Executive Board asking for an Undergraduate council budget of $50.

Agenda topics for this week’s Executive Board meeting included presentations from the Undergraduate Council, Rensselaer Music Association and RPI Players. President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 presided over the meeting.

President Jacob Derechin ’15 of the Undergraduate Council represented the UC. Currently, the Undergraduate Council has no budget and Derechin asked the Union E-board for $50 for the purpose of purchasing 10 binders and paper. The 10 binders would contain council training manuals for the freshman class representatives. A 13-0-1 motion was passed to give $50 the Undergraduate Council to purchase binders.

Rensselaer Music Association’s chairman, Devin Glenn ’16 requested a reallocation of funds. RMA saved over $3,000 in the summer for the purpose of buying new equipment and other necessities. RMA is looking to expand especially since there was a huge increase in membership and attendance. Glenn came to the E-board meeting to ask for reallocation of funds for RMA’s multipart series plan. The first part of the series talked about RMA purchasing a data backup system and a server for videos and audios. RMA is looking at purchasing a several terabyte system to store high quality video footage and audio recordings, which take up more space than the average MP3 file. The second part dealt with purchasing keys for officers. The key shop took over handling all of the keys and RMA has to pay to take out keys. As a result, hundreds of dollars are spent on taking out keys. RMA requested that the Union help cover the key costs for the members of RMA. In a 14-0-0 motion, the E-board approved the reallocating of money to purchase computing equipment totaling $1688.99 and coverage of key fee costs.

The last group to come before the E-board was the RPI Players. Jeremy Feldman ’15 and Jocelyn Griser ’16 were representatives of the Players. They requested, on behalf of the Players, the ability to withdraw from the food allocation in the budget more than once a semester. On Fridays throughout the semester, when shows are not happening, the Players have work parties where they work on building sets and other needed props. During these work parties, the Players often buy pizza for the students helping out and working. The pizza and food helps bring together the Players and motivates everyone to come together and work. Having the ability to access their food budget for work parties would help cover the costs and keep the work parties going. The work parties are essential for getting shows ready for the community. A 12-0-2 motion was passed to allow RPI Players to access their food reception budget for work parties.

Amarello concluded the meeting by announcing that the Hong Kong Student Association is represented by Donna Grace Moleta ’18.