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Sustainability on campus

SageFest, first hockey, freshman elections upcoming

Hello RPI! We’re now nearing the end of September, and well into our first exam period. As October approaches, there are a slew of community and national events requiring our attention.

First, this past Sunday marked a momentous milestone for sustainability efforts, as the Peoples’ Climate March in New York City drew a crowd of over 400,000 protesters to raise awareness of climate change. Rensselaer students and organizations seeking change were strong among them—Vasudha filled a bus with over 50 students to attend the march, at least ten of whom were first years passionate about our environment. Other groups attended in large numbers—ranging from EcoLogic to Student Sustainability Task Force, to Engineers for a Sustainable World and Engineers without Borders, to concerned alumni and local advocates for sustainability.

Sustainability is a real issue on our campus and in our generation – and our high participation in the march spoke to how RPI students are true advocates for change. Groups exist on campus to champion sustainable involvement. If you’re passionate about the environment and would like to get more involved, reach out to the Student Sustainability Task Force by contacting their acting chairman, Jesse Noviello, at

Upcoming this Friday and Saturday are the 36th Annual National Society of Black Engineers/Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Career Fair. If you haven’t already, remember to sign up via the Career Fair website ( The event lasts from 10 am–3:30 pm, and some companies will only be attending for one day. Make sure you’re able to visit all the companies that interest you—visit their website to view the company list and map the order of companies you’d like to visit. Come prepared in full business attire, carry yourself with confidence, practice your 60 second sell, and have plenty of copies of your resume ready to distribute to employers.

Also this Saturday is SageFest on First Street, down in Troy. SageFest is a fall tradition for Russell Sage College. This yearly event features vendors, street performers, and other forms of fun entertainment, and will last from 12–4 pm. This year, Russell Sage College has graciously extended an invitation to RPI students to attend. This is a good opportunity to get to know our community, so if you’re looking for something to do this weekend and are confident in your career search, head down into Troy for a great evening.

Finally, October 4 marks the start of our hockey season, as the Rensselaer Men’s Hockey team plays at home against the University of Prince Edward Island in an exhibition match at the Houston Field House. By now you’ve hopefully heard a few good things about our hockey team; if you haven’t been to a game yet, now’s the perfect time to come see our school’s feature sport in action. Stop by the Field House for the starting face-off at 7 pm; games typically last two hours. These games are a must-see experience for every RPI student—you can view the full schedule at

This Thursday also marks elections for the 2018 senators and Class Officers. Poll sites will be open from 9 am–7 pm in the Darrin Communications Center and Commons Dining Hall, so first year students, remember to get out and vote for your new Student Government Representatives! Involvement and candidacy has been massive this year, with three class president candidates and over ten students running for Student Senate. Many of the Senate candidates have already taken an active role on campus, taking part in a number of different Senate and Executive Board committees. Seeing all of this interest and involvement has been amazing. I’m looking forward to working with our new 2018 Senators this year. Once again, for those of you who haven’t been elected, our committees are completely open to membership. If you’d like to get involved, or have questions about anything else in this article, please email me at, or visit me in my office hours every Wednesday from 12–3pm!