PSS: sheer candid

ON SEPTEMBER 12, SHEER IDIOCY HELD a show in Mother’s wine emporium from 8–10 pm. Sheer Idiocy is the only improvisational troupe at RPI. One act the group put on was “Royal Expert Rumble.” Two experts on a subject are interviewed by a master of ceremonies. Afterwards, the floor is opened to questions and the two sides take turns answering them. However, one expert is actually played by two members, facing each other, that speak in unison. The other expert is played by three members sitting next to each other that say one word after each other. The topic for this first show of the semester was “eggs.” Another game the group played was “Director’s Cut.” In this game, at least four idiots, along with a director, play out a skit based on a topic. The idiots then play out this topic multiple times, up to the discretion of the director, in different movie genres. This show, the topic was “Quesadilla Torpedoes.” The scene took place in a submarine, with its crew members detecting quesadilla torpedoes on radar. The first theme was regular and the second was romantic comedy. The final and best theme was opera, with the crew singing in deep opera tone and an audience member playing operatic chords on the upright piano in the room. The members in the picture from left to right are Spencer Wiener ’17, David Silverman ’14, Kienan Knight-Boehm ’17, Isabel Johnson ’16, Fiona Kine ’16, Brandon McLear ’15. Sheer Idiocy performs multiple shows over the semester in both Mother’s and EMPAC. For more information, visit their Facebook page at