PSS: let’s dance

NEW DANCERS TWIRL across the dance floor during RPI Ballroom’s Intro Dance. The event, took place on Friday, September 12, 2014, at 7 pm in the Rensselaer Union’s McNeil Room, and invited new dancers to partake in Ballroom’s lessons. The dances that were taught included the basic waltz and the East Coast Swing. For each dance, a brief demonstration period was provided, followed by instruction, and finally, a practice session with other members of the attendees. The prospective dancers seemed to enjoy themselves, with a mood of cheeriness apparent in the air. The RPI Ballroom club consists of the Ballroom/Latin, Lindy Hop Swing, Argentine Tango, and Ballroom Team groups, and offers lessons and competition options to dancers and prospective dancers of all skill levels. The first week of lessons began on September 15, and continue all semester. A full schedule of lessons can be found on the RPI Ballroom website at