PSS: freshmen hackrpi

AS A PART OF THE MANY NAVIGATING RENSSELAER & BEYOND EVENTS, HACKRPI WORKED on many programs that could be beneficial to anyone on campus. One of the useful programs being developed at HackRPI is the RPI navigator, which helps students find their way on campus. Freshmen would find something like this to be a lifesaver when their surroundings are just old-fashioned buildings and lots of trees. Another program helps students gain information about the buildings around campus, which, as we know, have a great amount of history. Along with these programs, they created Android apps and forums, as well as class schedule organizers. All of the intense group work lead to great results. The event lasted 24–48 hours with freshmen with different levels of experience ranging from first-time coders to teenage Mark Zuckerbergs. Regardless, they had a great learning experience and a lot of fun.