String of thefts at Mueller Center raise concern

Seven cases of lost items near athletic facilities reported; investigation occurs

THERE HAVE BEEN seven cases of theft at athletic facilities since spring break, raising questions about security. Students are advised not to store valuables in unlocked lockers.

As of late, the Incident Blotter has seen many incidents of thefts in the athletic buildings. As early as March 13, there have been five reported cases concerning the loss of items near the Mueller Center with two other incidents at other athletic centers. In total, students have reported the loss of over $500, a cell phone, and a watch of unknown worth. All cases immediately were followed up by reports filed to Public Safety.

Most of the incidents were reported to be from unlocked lockers; none of them were reporter to be from secured lockers.

Public Safety acknowledges the severity of this problem and states that the affair is one of concern for its staff. Investigator Terry Burns states that the thefts are still under investigation, but progress is being made. The organization is hopeful that the progress they have made can be released sometime within the next week. The staff is working over the pieces of evidence that they have and will try to come to a conclusion and solution too. However, in light of these events, Public Safety recommends that the students leave their valuable positions within a safe and locked area while they are not attended. Burns recommends keeping anything of value within a dorm while one uses the facilities in order to never give criminals the chance for thievery.

Steve Allard, the coordinator of the Mueller Center, was available for comment on these crimes. Because the area in question is a shared space between the Mueller Center and the Armory, it is hard to monitor, stated Allard. As such, one of the coordinator’s summer projects will be working with Armory staff like Scott Sasenbury, the facilities operations manager, to help renovate this area. Allard admits that the cubbyholes and lockers are in poor shape and agrees with Public Safety’s advice to keep one’s valuables away from any unsafe and open areas while using the facilities.