Sheer Idiocy show brings lots of laughs

Final show of the school year features games for the seniors for the audience’s benefit

On Friday, May 2, Sheer Idiocy had their last show of the semester. In this show, they introduced four new games: Category Die, Echo, LaRond, and Freeze Jump, all games they learned recently. Additionally, the troupe made up a game just for their graduating seniors, which was a clusterpuppy of six of their other games that they play; it was more for the group than the audience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the show that Friday, but luckily, thanks to RPI TV, I was able to watch it online. Lasting about two hours, the show entertained the audience with improvised games.

An act I really liked was Mundane Night Fun Time. Featuring Luke Jones ’15, Savannah Dalton ’14, Kevin Turner ’14, and Spencer Weiner ’17, the game features two commentators narrating a mundane activity like a sport; the audience picked studying as the topic. Turner and Weiner went ham on studying, vigorously going through their textbooks and stealing each others’ pencils, as Jones made play by play comments and instant replays. David Silverman ’14 stepped in as referee, calling a foul on Weiner for stealing Turner’s pencil lead. The whole situation made for a fun time.

Another game that I enjoyed was Backwards Forwards, which featured Turner and Clarissa Herman ’14. Their occupation was janitor and the premise is that the improvisers must be able to go backwards or forwards in the act when the host claps. Herman portrayed an overenthusiastic, excited character, while Turner contrasted with a sarcastic and overbearing personality.

One of my favorite acts was Objection, which Herman, Turner, Dalton, Jones, and Kienan Knight-Boehm ’17 participated in. In this game, a word is chosen and then the idiots debate over it. Jones started the group off talking about how bananas are versatile and can be used in smoothies or just be eaten. Then somehow, unicorns kept getting mentioned by both Knight-Boehm and Dalton. A funny pun was made when Jones criticized Herman for not having a point. After he was sustained, Turner interjected with a literal point of his own, with his hands above his head shaped like a point. This game was a blast to watch.

One of the last games they played was Pan Dub Pan Column/Interro-column/Two is a Column/That Darn Column/Sit-Stand-Column (now with more Kick It!), also known as the senior game. This game, made by the group, just for the seniors, is a mashup of six other games that they play during regular shows. Meant to be just for the troupe and extremely difficult, the game was still funny, in my opinion. There are way too many rules to it; you’re just going to have to watch it online.

The show was a great way to end the semester and if you missed it like me, have no fear, Sheer Idiocy isn’t going anywhere this coming year. Congratulations to Turner, Herman, and Dalton on their last show! To watch the show, visit