Website for job seekers

Kevin Lyman ’15 is a Computer and Systems Engineering student hoping to facilitate the hiring process for everyone involved. His solution is Resumazing, an automated web service connecting job seekers with hiring companies. By uploading a résumé to Resumazing, one will be immediately connected to a network of companies looking to hire for a range of positions and backgrounds. Each résumé will be matched to the most appropriate job openings based on career objectives and qualifications, after which both the résumé owner and the potential matching companies will be notified.

Lyman is no stranger to entrepreneurship. In 2012, he founded The Inventor’s Guild, a student-run think-tank and consulting firm devoted to developing new business ideas. However, he claims that Resumazing’s success thus far has been made possible by contribution from the Severino Center, including personal mentorship from their resident entrepreneur Matt Cusack. The Center has readily provided financial models, crucial connections, and help securing funding.

Although the company is still in the prototype stage, its concept is receiving great attention. After earning a spot among the 10 winning ideas of this semester’s Change the World Challenge, Resumazing went on to win its track at the New York State Business Plan Competition, along with $10,000 in funding.

Resumazing will be one of the four companies showcased at the next meet-up of the Startup Tech Valley. Come to the Revolution Hall of Brown’s Brewing Co. at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, May 7 to learn more about this company, along with Clipcentric, Project Open Campus, and Chequed. If you’re interested in helping to meet Resumazing’s funding needs, or you’d like to upload your résumé to try it yourself, please email Lyman at ktlyman@gmail.com.

RPI Students Promote Innovation in their Generation

Meghan Olson ’15 whose interest in design and innovation has spilled over from the subject of her major into her extracurricular activities. After completing a six-week training course, Olson became RPI’s first University Innovation Fellow, a position earned through the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. Olson has been involved with similar initiatives on campus by co-organizing this year’s Elevator Pitch Competition, regularly participating in the Change the World Challenge, taking part in the Entrepreneurship Exemplars program, and attending Foundry-RPI meetings.

While pursuing her master’s degree next year, Olson plans to increase the range of students exposed to entrepreneurship and innovation by making the culture more accessible to the general student body. This could include the creation of an online resource to consolidate a range of on campus activities, as well as a program for professors that would incentivize students to attend entrepreneurial events. To implement these strategies and brainstorm additional ones, Olson plans to establish a leadership circle that will help support this movement.

Olson is most excited about her plan to organize a TEDx event at RPI to be held in the spring of 2015. This would be an excellent opportunity for students to witness the inspiring stories and wisdom of today’s successful innovators. If you’re interested in helping bring TEDx to RPI, or joining Olson’s leadership circle, send her an email at olsonm2@rpi.edu.

Learn More about Entrepreneurship at RPI

For more information on local entrepreneurship, look out for meetings of the Foundry-RPI, which take place Tuesdays, 6–7:30 pm in the Games Room of the Rensselaer Union. Details can be found at http://poly.rpi.edu/85326.