PSS: elevating the bar for a winning pitch

ON THURSDAY, APRIL 17, THE ELEVATOR PITCH COMPETITION TOOK place in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies Auditorium. The event gave competitors 90 seconds to pitch their idea in order to win $1500. Three prizes were awarded; the prizes could be won for best overall pitch, most investment potential, and best presentation skills. All candidates submitted an entry and the category they wanted to enter. The categories they could choose from were business pitch, social venture pitch, and idea/innovation pitch. Finalists were then chosen from the pool of applicants to perform their pitch on stage in front of a panel of judges. Finalists were all required to participate in two workshops in order to improve their public speaking skills to prepare for their presentation. Finalists were told to answer four key questions in their presentation. The questions included: What is the problem you are trying to solve, how you are solving the problem, who are you solving for, how is your solution different from what is already available? This year there were 13 entries. The overall winner was Nathan Fullerton ’14. The winner for most investment potential was Kevin Lyman ’15. Lastly, the winner for best presentation skills was Alexandra Hudack ’15.