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My final summary as GM

Hello RPI! Grand Marshal Week is finally upon us and with it come traditions full of rich history on this campus, dating back to the 1880s. Today, GM Week is packed with different fun and exciting events to celebrate our Student Government elections. In the elections the new Grand Marshal, President of the Union, student senators, class presidents, class vice presidents, class representatives, and alumni representatives are elected. Students get a day off from school to celebrate and are also given a free, collectible glass mug if they vote in the elections the next day. The only senators not elected during GM Week are the freshmen. They have their own special election held in September when they first get to RPI. Please remember to go out and vote this Thursday, April 10 and receive the massive mug that the GM Week Committee has selected this year.

Last Monday, the 44th Student Senate completed its last business meeting, and I have to say I have had such a wonderful experience serving with the senators and the committed students on the Senate. The Senate has done many things this year for the benefit of the student experience. Some changes have been small and others have great significance to the entire student body. This year, the Student Senate has gotten a vending machine in the Folsom Library to help late night studiers with food, worked with Sodexo to stock half-dozen egg cartons in Fathers, worked with Sodexo to provide to-go meal soup to Commons and Russell Sage Dining Hall, and worked closely with RPI Auxiliary Services to implement a new shuttle stop at the corner of 13th Street and Peoples Avenue.

In addition to those actions, the Student Senate has committed much time and effort to providing an easy to access list of syllabi for all classes at RPI, an on-campus prescription delivery program, a flat rate taxi service, an updated version to the excuse policy, and finally a car share program for campus. The Student Senate has worked on other projects also, but I felt that all of these were notable because of their potential impact on the student body and also because of how they showcase the Senate’s willingness to help the student body in any way possible.

This is my last article as the 148th Grand Marshal of RPI. I just want to say that it has been my absolute pleasure serving the student body. In my tenure, I have met with many students, faculty and staff, and administrators, and even the Board of Trustees. I’ve listened, learned, and acted on their concerns and done my best to assure that these changes benefited the student body. Being Grand Marshal has been one of the best experiences of my life, and it is something that I could not have accomplished without the love and support of my friends and family. Thank you, everyone, for making my time here at RPI, both as the Grand Marshal and a student, the best years of my life.