Hey Red, Go Green promotes awarness

RSA puts on annual event in order to bring environmental awareness to RPI

A tradition is returning to RPI that intends to revitalize the campus and hopes to bring the importance of the environmental impact that we as a student body can accomplish. It’s time for the RPI Reds to go green!

“Hey Red, Go Green” is an Rensselaer Student Association program. It consists of multiple weeks throughout spring with varying themes regarding the environment. Each week consists of similarly themed events, all with the intent to educate as well as entertain. Subjects such as personal sustainability and environmental awareness have been paired up with competitions and various, activities that range from tye-dye and organized trips to the farmer’s market. This year, RSA intends to bring back the award winning program with a variety of events to spark interest on the RPI campus.

The program has started already, even before events are scheduled to commence. The Facebook group, Hey Red, Go Green 2014, is up and running; posting on a regular basis interesting facts about how to live life more sustainably, along with openly reporting all times of the meetings, to allow anyone to get involved on campus. It plans to keep tabs on when events will start happening, which will be starting this week. “We want to really stress the Facebook page,” co-chairman of the HRGG committee Alexander Simon states. “It allows us to promote the program without having to use excessive fliers and posters, which would be kind of hypocritical of the message we are trying to convey.”

This year, “Hey Red, Go Green” will be separated into four weeks, the themes of which are in chronological order: energy, Water Conservation, Food, and Recycling. Energy week will contain a kickoff event, as well as a glow stick party in the resident halls. There will also be collaboration with various other like-minded organizations, such as Ecologic and Engineers Without Borders, to provide a variety of inputs in creating events to unite the campus. It all culminates on the last day of classes, and concludes with RSA’s Spring Fling.

The Eco-Hall Challenge is the hallmark of Hey Red, Go Green. Freshmen resident halls compete with each other to see how much they can reduce their energy usage over the course of the entire four weeks. The winning hall will be rewarded custom water bottles for all of its residents.

The program intends to provide students with the necessary information on how to make smart environmental choices and to encourage that behavior through competitions and activities. As students of RPI are often in the field of material and energy production, RSA feels that promoting a mindset that puts the importance of the environment into perspective is an incredibly important goal, as it will have an impact in the world of industry and production. As much as small changes such as remembering to turn off the lights when leaving a room or unplugging one’s things when not in use seem ineffectual, it is the collective unity of simply caring for the environment that truly allows a positive difference in our world to take shape.