UPAC Showcase

On Saturday, March 22, I attended the UPAC Showcase in the Rensselaer Union. Overall, the event was done very well; from lighting to sound, it was apparent that countless hours went into the planning of this event.

The event started off rather poorly, beginning over 40 minutes late from its official start of 7 pm. Fortunately, the worst was past, and the showcase truly began with the DJ mixing an abundance of music together to create his own sound. UPAC Lights did a phenomenal job syncing the music to the lights, allowing any attendee to be completely enthralled in the music. However, I am very sad to say that there were not many attendees at the DJ portion of the night; therefore, this experience was not able to be felt by many. Overall, the DJ’s performance wasn’t the best I have ever seen. Having witnessed a plethora of the DJs perform, I can honestly say that his performance wouldn’t break my top five. His music seemed too much like a smash up of beats instead of a song, and after a while of listening to the same beat being played over and over again, it does begin to bore you. However, with that being said, I have to emphasize the fact that even though his performance wasn’t one of the best I have seen, it would still be an event that, if it is put on again, I would recommend for anyone to attend.

Once the DJ was done performing, it was time for the game show portion of the night. Two hosts entered the stage, one from UPAC Cinema and the other from UPAC Comedy. To begin, they both gave comments about how both of their respective clubs need members and so on. Once they were done, they announced that all of the games being played were from the hit TV competition, Minute to Win It. The crowd had begun to build in numbers as people began to realize that audience participation was key to this part of the show. The games chosen were great, they all allowed for the participants to win prizes and to give the audience a good laugh at their expense. I was given the opportunity to participate in two events, so I can say first hand that being up on stage performing the ridiculous tasks was an overall enjoyable experience.

Overall, the UPAC Showcase was entertaining. Even though the DJ may not have been the highlight of the night, UPAC Lights still allowed for the guests to get a full experience of the music with their accompanying light show. The game show part of the night was a big hit, allowing for everyone in attendance to get a good laugh and have the opportunity to win some cool prizes.