Staff Editorial: Lack of club enthusiasm

Members of The Poly attended UPAC Showcase on March 22, which was full of fun and interesting events; however, many of Poly members were more infatuated by the fact that no one was there, than the event itself. This seems to be common trend that occurs at many RPI events, such as performances or athletic events.

After noticing poor attendance, it had begun to dawn on all of us at The Poly that the student body at RPI as a whole doesn’t readily attend many of the RPI events. From athletic games (other than hockey) to UPAC shows, it would be hard to find many that can bring in a strong attendance. The Poly, having attended many UPAC events, can truly say that all of them are done very well, and deserve to be witnessed by more than a handful of the people.

Most of the athletic events, excluding hockey, are also poorly attended. For example, the lacrosse team has been performing at a very high level. Though they may deserve a roaring crowd at every home game, that is far from the turn out they receive. At many of the games, it seems as if the stands are mostly full of the players parents’. The same poor attendance can be seen at football games. At many schools, football teams, even division three teams, are a sense of pride and games are eagerly attended. That doesn’t seem the case at RPI, with most home games unable to fill even half of ECAV stadium.

Many people put in a lot of work in order to perform on the stage and or the playing field. Sadly, it seems as if their talent and hard work is going to waste without anyone there to cheer them on. As many of you can imagine and attest to, every performer or athlete lives for the thrill of seeing the auditorium or stadium packed with a crowd cheering their name. Therefore, The Poly would like to implore everyone, when they have a night they don’t know what to do with or a couple hours to spare on the weekend, to check and see if there is a game going on or an event that they can attend. We feel as if we can speak for any athlete or performer when we say that they will be more than happy to see you there cheering them on.