Editorial Notebook

Make Polys, not hate

Editor encourages readers to contribute to The Poly

This past week, something happened that made me think. Every day we encounter so many people that are incredibly nice at RPI—it’s one of the things I love about the RPI community—but every once in a while, you run into someone whose actions are cruel, without regard to other people. Unfortunately, these people are often continually unkind and one must remember that not everyone is like that.

On Friday, a past editor for The Polytechnic decided to make a Facebook post about how bad they thought the previous week’s issue of the paper was, tagging every single current and past editor this particular editor was friends with. I happened to be the first to respond to it and I said that if they were so fast to critique The Poly, they should join the paper again to help improve the quality. Instead of some sort of polite response saying “I don’t have time” or “sure, I’ll stop by every once in a while and help out,” the past editor responded with insults about how many of the staff members drove the paper “into the ground” last semester, and specifically stated I was a major contributor to the “failure” of the paper. A few heated comments later, I posted that he obviously did not make the post to give constructive criticism to the paper, to make it better and I had no interest in furthering the discussion. The editor then proceeded to message me via every single method they knew of after I blocked them (secondary Facebook account, text message, Google Hangouts), trying to add in every little bit of insult to they could, because this editor lives for the thrill of insulting others. In the end, the best way to deal with these types of people is to ignore them. They do not care what you say because to them, you’re always wrong. Don’t let them have the pleasure of talking to you.

As you can see, The Poly is still kicking, and is doing better than ever. With per-issue ad revenue larger than I have ever seen in my two and a half years on The Poly—thanks to our new ads team and all of our new writers and section editors—I don’t see how The Poly is a “failure.” That being said, there could be improvements. With the staff we currently have, we are extremely dependent on each and every one of them in order to publish an issue each week. Every issue thus far this semester has pushed straight up to the deadline for the team to submit The Poly to the printer. If you think you can help The Poly at all, even if just for an hour a week, stop on by on a Tuesday night! I can’t speak for of us on The Poly’s staff, but I know I would be super appreciative for any help at all copy reading the paper. Plus, there’s free pizza in it for you!