PSS: getting fit, getting relayed

ON SATURDAY, RELAY FOR LIFE OF RPI AND THE WELLNESS INSTITUTE CO-HOSTED the Relay for Life Kickoff – Wellness Day in the McNeil Room. Well over 60 people stopped by for smoothies, fitness classes, and to sign up for Relay for Life 2014. Relay for Life sold t-shirts that said “Wanna Get Relayed?” on the front. Additionally, brochures and flyers were offered to encourage people to sign up for Relay for Life. The Wellness Institute gave out free granola and fruit in addition to the smoothies. Flyers relayed information on the Wellness Institute and some of its programs. The fitness classes included Zumba, ROTC Bootcamp, and cardio kickboxing. Attendees were able to participate in the classes on the dance floor in the McNeil Room, receive massages, and make their own playdough and stress balls. Fingerpainting supplies were also available. In addition to Relay for Life of RPI and the Wellness Institute, Terra Café and RPI Ambulance had tables at the Relay for Life Kickoff – Wellness Day. Relay for Life will take place April 25–26.