Incident blotter: Garbage can fire, sprained ankle in Union

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, January 21

• Player’s Lounge

Fire alarm: Panel indicated a general fire alarm. System back online per TFD.

• Colvin Circle

Petite larceny: Caller reported that while away on break there was a water leak on January 5 in the building. It was noticed by a friend that there was $237 missing from the room. Report completed.
Wednesday, January 22

• Rensselaer Union

Fire: Caller reported that there was a garbage can that had been on fire in the first floor men’s room of the Rensselaer Union. At the time of the call the can was no longer on fire. Caller stated that he had found the can smoldering and inverted it. No damage to any property. Fire system did not trip and no smoke was visible on officers’ arrival TPD notified for a report. Evidence tech took photos. Unknown if incident was intentional. DPS notified.

Friday, January 24

• E-Complex

Medical: Caller requested medical assistance for a student. Student transported to Samaritan Hospital via Empire Ambulance. Medical report completed.

• Rensselaer Union

Injury: Caller reported a delivery person twisted ankle. Subject refused medical treatment on scene, but was transported to Samaritan Hospital by employer. Medical form completed.

• Barton Hall

Medical: Rensselaer County reported medical call for a 19-year-old subject vomiting. RPIA transported to Samaritan Hospital. DOSO on-call was notified.

• Houston Field House

Injury: Subject cut thumb in the restroom. No transport.

Saturday, January 25

• Barton Hall

Intoxication: Reporting person stated that friend had too much to drink and was highly intoxicated. The reporting person stated that friend was passed out on the floor. 18-year-old subject intoxicated, conscious. After EMS conducted initial assessment, the student refused any further medical attention.

Sunday, January 26

• Warren Hall

Intoxication: Report of an intoxicated subject that had been on and off vomiting. RPIA transported patient to Samaritan Hospital. All notifications were made. Patient is on academic suspension; is allowed in the dorms until Monday, after patient speaks with DOSO and ResLife.

• Nugent Hall

Harassment : Rennsselaer County states that student in Nugent room would like to file a harassment report with TPD regarding a phone call. All TPD units were tied up and asked a DPS unit to take a report. Officer responded.

Monday, January 27

• Colonie Apartments, Building A

Fire Alarm: General fire alarm. Alarm caused by cooking smoke coming from the second floor kitchen. TFD responded.

• Troy Building

Fire alarm: Alarm showed fire alarm activation first floor. TFD notified, FLS also responded. All in order, alarm was reset by TFD. Investigation showed detector problem.