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Second semester presents fresh start

Welcome back to RPI! I hope everyone has enjoyed their winter break. We have had approximately a month of school off, and I have to tell you I have missed it so much. Being at home was nice to get away and relax without school work, but I’m ready to see all my friends and begin my classes. Although I must say, I prefer the warm weather of Florida, where I went on vacation this winter break, to the frigid temperatures of Troy. I guess I’ll have to wait until May to see 70 degrees and sunny in the forecast again.

Since it is the beginning of the year, I thought I would pass along some important information about classes that I think students should be aware for future planning. The last day to add a class is February 3rd, the last day to drop a class is March 21st, and the last day to designate a class pass/no credit a class is April 18th. It’s important to have these dates in a personal calendar so that all your options are known when planning out and finalizing your course load for the semester. If you are interested in looking at these deadlines and others that may apply, search for the RPI 2013–2014 Academic Calendar online.

This is the second semester of school for the academic year. To the new first year, graduate, and transfer students that started at RPI in the fall, I hope you feel comfortable and consider RPI as a home rather than a temporary place of residence. Since you have received your first set of grades at RPI, you now have a GPA. If your GPA for the fall semester wasn’t up to your standards and you want to do better, it is not too late to improve. You will have more chances to improve your GPA this semester and in the future, but your focus will be essential to doing better. One thing to keep in mind is to not wind up in the same predicament you did last semester. If you didn’t do as well as you would have liked’ please critically look at your study habits, assess what needs to change, and then turn things around.

Your experience at RPI will not be without conflicts, but the key is to not repeat the same mistakes. Learn from them, grow stronger, and push forward. College is not supposed to be a smooth ride that has zero challenges and low expectations. Here at RPI, I know the students can do great things because I have seen them. What defines you as a person is how you overcome adversity and rise above the challenge. If you truly like what you do or believe that there is potential, put your best foot forward in everything you pursue and be the exemplary student that RPI knows you can be. Everyone have a great start to the semester and once again welcome back!