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Electronic voting may speed process

Concerns over Sodexo policy changes discussed; Judicial Board reps confirmed

On Monday, December 2, the Student Senate met and discussed issues relating to Sodexo and electronic voting. Some graduate students discussed how issues affecting Sodexo workers could affect students. Policies Sodexo is implementing include not giving workers sick days, which means that workers handling food might come in sick. Members were confirmed for the Judicial Board. The Senate discussed electronic voting and feasibility. Committees continued working on projects including car-sharing and excuse policies. Read more...

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Editor’s Corner

Poly plane flies once again

Editor in Chief discusses quality, staff improvements, website

You may have read in some of this fall semester’s issues of The Poly that we, The Poly, were going under, struggling to stay aloft, clinging onto our seat cushion turned floatation device, and yanking on our oxygen mask and hoping the bag would inflate (even though, regardless, oxygen is flowing). Read more...

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Rensselaer Orchestra hits the right notes

It was altogether, quite fitting that the newly-reformed Rensselaer Orchestra’s first concert took place on a chilly, gray afternoon, considering the thematic elements of the music programmed. Read more...

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Staff Editorial: The Poly bounces back

Hey there, it’s your friendly campus newspaper, and we’d like to give everyone an update on our status as the fall semester comes to a close. It’s no secret that The Poly had a rough start to this academic year. We started the semester in debt to the Rensselaer Union, and complications ensued. We’ve always been a self-funded venture, but it turns out our advertisements weren’t fully covering our costs. To help the paper restructure itself, we decided to switch to printing every other week for the current semester, with online issues published during off-weeks. This allowed for more time to work on each issue and provided more downtime so that other parts of the paper could be worked on. For example, our different printing schedule allowed us to redo our advertising strategy, pursue more recruiting opportunities, make more connections, and make contact with more sources. Read more...

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Eco Princess aims to promote self-esteem, conservation

So I’m freaking out. On Saturday, December 7, I will be hosting RPI’s first ever Eco Princess Festival at the Rensselaer Union from 1–5 pm. That’s right—the festival is not being hosted by any one club, it’s being directed by just one individual (me). Luckily, I’m not completely alone. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Simple pleasures calm the mind

Small adventures make the daily grind bearable, week to week

It’s the little things. The faint scent of fresh laundry. The first bite of a perfectly constructed sandwich. Sure, this semester may have been endless nights of studying, but for me, it’s these small pleasures that keep me running day to day. I find that the way that American culture has evolved prevents people from stepping aside and appreciating those minute things that add detail to our monotonous lives. We always feel the need to be doing something—to fill all our time with productivity—otherwise we’re wasting precious time. But I’m saying that we don’t have to. Read more...

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Drag Show entertains, challenges audience

On Friday, November 22, the Rensselaer Pride Alliance held the Fall Charity Drag Show: Hope II. While most of the performers were not RPI students, the show brought in many students and members of the Rensselaer community. Proceeds from the show went to the Albany Damien Center. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Healthy food alternatives available, weight gain real

Commons offers salad bar, avoid desserts, Purell prevents being down with the sickness

Before I came to RPI, many of my parent’s friends would poke fun at the stereotypical weight gain that comes with the of transitioning to college life, otherwise known as the freshman fifteen. While I used to laugh at their japes, I now realize the severity of the situation. The struggle is real, people. Read more...

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Top Hat

Grand Marshal talks last Senate meeting

Finals approaching fast around the corner

Hello, RPI. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Break with family and friends. Thanksgiving Break was very late this year, and I am still adjusting to the fact that this is the last week of school. Time at RPI seems to go by very slowly when we have exams or lots of homework, but here we are now at the end of the semester with just a week left of classes. If you are a freshman on this campus and worried about exams, take a deep breath because you’re going to be fine. Just make sure to go over your notes, listen to your professors, and get help now in the areas that you struggle in. Finals are always daunting, but you grow accustomed to them as your time at RPI increases. Just always remember to study hard even if you did well on the previous exams because you can’t remember everything. Read more...

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PU explains E-Board plan

Executive board begins Union budgeting, Sudent Activity Fee

Hello, RPI! I hope that everyone is recovering from their tryptophan-induced comas and is ready to get back to work! There is just one short week left of classes, and then finals are upon us. I hope everyone manages to make it through these last few weeks before enjoying our very long winter break. Read more...

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Letter to the Editor

Balanced meals provide prolonged energy

It’s almost the end of the semester! Time to hunker down and load up on caffeine and sugar to pull a few all-nighters to learn a semester’s worth of material for the big test! Right? WRONG! Read more...

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