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Grand Marshal talks last Senate meeting

Finals approaching fast around the corner

Hello, RPI. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Break with family and friends. Thanksgiving Break was very late this year, and I am still adjusting to the fact that this is the last week of school. Time at RPI seems to go by very slowly when we have exams or lots of homework, but here we are now at the end of the semester with just a week left of classes. If you are a freshman on this campus and worried about exams, take a deep breath because you’re going to be fine. Just make sure to go over your notes, listen to your professors, and get help now in the areas that you struggle in. Finals are always daunting, but you grow accustomed to them as your time at RPI increases. Just always remember to study hard even if you did well on the previous exams because you can’t remember everything.

At the Senate meeting this Monday, we approved two members to the Judicial Board after they were recommended to us by the selection committee. Congratulations to Anthony Barbieri ’15 and Orlando Hernandez ’15 for being approved as the Judicial Board chair and regular member, respectively. The Senate also had student and faculty visitors at this meeting to express their concerns and interests about Sodexo and their benefit policies for their employees on RPI’s campus. This group raised several concerns about the changes in benefits that Sodexo will be offering their employees and what it means for their livelihood. This is obviously a very brief and vague summary about what was said and I have decided to keep it that way for now because a Sodexo representative couldn’t be there for the meeting. When the Senate does meet again next semester, we will have both parties present to talk on the matter. If you are interested in this subject, send me an email and I will let you know when and where these conversations are going to take place.

Since this is the last article before the break, I also wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. We all get a lot of time off during break, so make sure you use it to recharge your batteries and hit the ground running when the new semester starts in late January. I know that after this semester, I’ll be going on vacation to get some much needed rest. I will also be applying for jobs and doing some recreational reading since the only reading I seem to do comes from a textbook or case study. I’m also sure that once I’m home, my parents will be encouraging me to do chores around the house. Breaks only last so long, though, and before you know it, we’ll all be back here for the start of a new semester. Once again, I wish everyone the best for their final exams, and I hope you all have a great break. If you have any questions now or during our time off please send me an email at